Somali PM sets up a committee to investigate AMISOM killing of civilians in Golweyn

The Somali Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble has setup a committee to investigate the killing of 7 Somali civilians in Golweyn, Lower Shabelle. According to reports, AMISOM forces were travelling between the cities of Golweyn and Danow in the Shalanbood district when an IED exploded┬ádamaging┬áthe vehicle and possibly causing non-life threatening injuries to occupants. Following... Continue Reading →

UK-Kenya Defence Cooperation Agreement raises eyebrows in Somalia

The Kenyan Defence Minister, Dr Monica Juma met with her British counterpart, Ben Wallace in London to sign the new Kenyan-British Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) on Wednesday. The agreement will build upon the previous DCA and enable the two countries to enhance coordination in the region according to the UK government. What does the Agreement... Continue Reading →

UN Security Council Statement on Somalia and what it means

SUMMARY Following the controversial communique released by the African Union's Peace and Security Council (AUPSC), the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) released a statement on the Somali election deadlock. The UNSC emphasised that the on-going "disagreement" over the electoral model is "not only undoing" the hard-earned progress made in Somalia but also diverting attention from... Continue Reading →

IGAD Releases Statement on Somalia

IGAD has officially released a statement today on recent political events in Somalia. This comes on the backdrop of President Farmaajo's surprise visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo just two days ago. In a tweet on his Twitter page, President Farmaajo outlined that he "welcomes the AU to take a leading role in facilitating... Continue Reading →

President Farmaajo FINALLY breaks silence on Election Impasse

Throughout this entire political chaos, President Farmaajo has admirably remained quiet, despite continues attacks from opponents including leaders of the regional governments of Puntland and Jubaland as well as Presidential candidates and Parliamentarians. We have seen many scathing personal attacks from MPs such Mahad Salaad who infamously compared President Farmaajo to the Quranic evil figure... Continue Reading →

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